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Unsung by SubjectNumber2394

As soon as I saw this on the front page of EQD, I had to favorite it. But when I saw it was by you, SN2394... an artist who I typically associate with more silly comics... well color me impressed as all hell.

This is a departure from your usual, more simple style of pony art, but I think you really nail the feeling of Background Pony and the Unsung Realm.

I really like how the colors on the two most important subjects—Lyra and the Giant Unsung Ball Of Unsungness—stand out over the more washed out images of the background. It forces you to look at the scene not as just a picture, but as a confrontation. Very dynamic use of color.

I have one suggestion for future improvement... Lyra's upper body looks a bit scrunched. It's probably due to the black hoodie and the shadows, but having more clearly defined edges of the sleeves could help.

But anyway, fantastic work on this. I am extremely impressed, and you absolutely deserved to headline the Drawfriend over on EQD with this. Well done!

-Brian J
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SubjectNumber2394 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
Thanks for the critique! I'm actually kinda surprised the number of people who associate me with comics when I've actually done more stuff like this then comics haha!

The upper body note is interesting, I did have the sleeve fairly defined but I think what's happened is I've upped the contrast near the end and forgot how dark the jumper was already. So it's all kinda blended together a bit more than it should have been. I'll keep that in mind in future though!

Again thank you so much! ^^
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